Spring Into Action: Re-Engaging Audiences with the Next Generation of Events

80% of marketers say they’re increasing investments in content, yet tracking and analyzing content performance is still a weak link for most marketing teams. With budgets under fire over the last several years, marketers need to prove that content is worth the expenditure. 

In-person events are returning, so marketers are now better equipped for content creation and getting more mileage out of their content than they were previously. By leveraging in-person events, marketers are able to reach broader audiences, expand their reach, and get more “bang for their buck” by using these events as a source of content. Not only are marketers able to share user-generated content from attendees, but they’re also able to post live event coverage, share short-form videos, and create dialogues with their audiences around the event across channels. 

With content budgets increasing, tracking ROI can be tricky. A better metric is Return on Effort (ROE), as it allows for immediate feedback and more agility. With ROE, content teams and creatives can make data-based decisions about what content is best to include in an experience and empowers teams to make decisions that benefit the organization as a whole. 

Additionally, content teams don’t want to create more content, they want to be able to utilize their content more efficiently. 67% of marketers surveyed stated they want to be able to efficiently re-use content. This is where modular content comes into play. 

By effectively creating different, but similar, content with the same information at its core, marketers are able to use content effectively across different channels in a way that is cost-effective for the team and also resonates best with the audiences on those platforms. Modular content also creates an opportunity for personalization by breaking down audiences segments into more strategic groups. Again, agility is key, so categorizing content into smaller bits allows marketers to adapt quickly to different audience segments' needs.

The marketing world is effectively healing from the precarious pandemic and using the lessons learned to bring fresh strategies, smarter measures of metrics, and effective budget allocation into their marketing plan. To learn more about how to leverage events to create compelling omnichannel content, check out our latest webinar on demand here. To learn about maximizing content ROI overall, register for our upcoming webinar here.

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