Crawl, Walk, Run

Michael Loban

Traditional advertising has yielded its throne to the digital world, forever changing how major retailers, media outlets, and consumer goods companies attract their target audience—and forever changing how ROI is determined.

Crawl, Walk, Run is your practical guide for navigating each stage of analytics maturity, beginning with the basics and taking you step-by-step through a framework for achieving greater efficiency and increased confidence in your marketing decisions. Alex Yastrebenetsky and Michael Loban discuss the six mandatory focus areas for digital transformation before introducing you to the key component for success: choosing the right platform. You’ll learn why Google Marketing Platform dominates the industry, which changes you can expect with Google Analytics 4 and Ads Data Hub, and how to implement data governance with new privacy guidelines (such as the California Consumer Privacy Act). This updated second edition also includes a foreword from Sean Downey of Google (Vice President, Platforms).

Feel confident in your data and trust that your money is well spent by understanding how the right analytics platform can work for you.


PeerSphere: Volume 8, Number 1

PeerSphere is the quarterly e-journal of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, an organization dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior corporate marketing leaders and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries. The journal is peer-inspired, peer-driven and peer-influenced and provides insight from global marketing leaders about best practices and strategies in the marketplace.

The latest issue of PeerSphere is now available and covers a wide range of subjects relevant to global marketing leaders and features articles on a variety of pertinent subjects, among them:

The latest issue of PeerSphere covers topics such as:

  • Whether live data is the lifeblood of telcos... or a liability
  • Ways for marketers to navigate and understand the “Engagement Economy”
  • How to deliver more human experiences in an increasingly digital world
  • How to unleash innovation by speaking softly and carrying a sledgehammer
  • A handy “multicultural digital fact pack” based on the latest market insights

PeerSphere is available on a complimentary basis courtesy of our sponsor, Thomson Reuters. If you would like to get involved in PeerSphere as an interview or profile subject, please contact Managing Editor Mary Anne Hensley regarding any inquiries.

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