It's More Than Just Luck: How to Make the Most of Your Marketing Campaigns

With as many as 80% of business leads languishing, lost or ineffectively handled, it's critical for marketers to get it right if they want to win in the revenue game. It’s no secret that today's consumer expects rapid, personalized experiences and quick recovery from mishaps: from overnight shipping to customized recommendations and increasingly lenient return windows, customers are empowered to expect a lot from the brands they shop with. Local business partners account for up to 80% of annual sales, but many struggle to keep up with rising customer expectations and quickly evolving digital marketing capabilities.

And it makes sense. Marketers spend a ton of time and resources optimizing digital campaigns to maximize their impact, especially at the corporate level. What do you do when your local partners can’t keep up? If CX breaks down at the local level, the whole brand suffers.

The effective CMO today has eyes into the quickly multiplying number of indirect channels that directly impact the business and the customer experience. In order to achieve this heightened level of awareness, CMOs must optimize their demand change management (DCM) and keep a close watch on channel spend effectiveness.

COVID-19 has tremendously impacted the way marketers think about their channels. With the only constant being disruption, agility has become synonymous with marketing.

Markets have become more fragmented, segmented and complex, so marketers have more variables to manage than ever before. However, resources are crucial to be able to accomplish this agility effectively, and local business partners don’t have the same level of access at their global counterparts.

We want to get to the bottom of this issue and help marketers leverage their local partners to their fullest potential. Be a part of the cutting-edge research CMO Council is undertaking in 2022 and contribute to our poll. It’s quick, we promise! In exchange for your time and insights, you’ll get a complimentary, advance copy of the report. With 85% of sales still taking place in brick-and-mortar locations, you’re not going to want to miss out on these findings.

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