Ken Krasnow

Vice President Omni-Channel Marketing at Henkel

Ken is a transformational marketing leader. He has built iconic global brands while working for PepsiCo, Henkel Corporation and Omnicom agencies. Ken’s mission is to use storytelling and the unique capabilities of digital, data and technology to connect with consumers.  He is passionate about building Omni-Channel capabilities to obtain one view of the consumer and create user experiences that become more personal and value added as consumers engage with brands. Ken is Vice President of Omnichannel Marketing for Henkel Corporation. He manages media, digital marketing, shopper marketing, national promotions, packaging design and the consumer call center.

For Henkel, the key to navigating the chaotic customer journey lies in their relationships. With so many channels to communicate through, their vice president of omnichannel marketing, Ken Krasnow, says that he’s on a mission to create “nuanced, yet seamless” experiences for their customers on all phases of their journey. With so many different ways for consumers to interact with brands today, this is a tall order, but Krasnow has unlocked the secret.


The purchase funnel is no longer linear when it comes to the customer buying journey. As Krasnow puts it, customers can jump into your brand’s narrative at any stage now, so having an “infinity loop” approach empowers brands to meet customers where they are, whenever they decide to jump in. The loop is broken down into four categories that lead to loyalty: awareness, consideration, purchase and advocacy. Krasnow’s goal is to create experiences that are reoccurring in nature, creating leads who become customers and customers who become loyal.


Leveraging technology plays a huge role in tightening the infinity loop, but there’s more to it than just hard data. This, he says, can all be done through targeting the right users based on their relationship. 


“As a marketer,” he says, “you’re in the relationship-building business.” Though new customers are important to the success of your brand, nurturing meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships and creating frictionless interactions with your customers is the secret to navigating the chaotic customer journey.


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